Wedding on Etna
27 March 2019

Wedding on Etna

Getting married at high altitudes

We know: marriage is one of the most important days in the life of a couple in love, and its celebration includes months of preparations, organizing every little detail from catering to the wedding dress. even the choice of location requires special attention. Which could be the most suggestive location if not Etna?

Mount Etna

Wedding tourism

A marriage was recently celebrated on the volcano Etna: a French couple, learned from the web the possibility of being able to marry on the highest active volcano in Europe, contacted the local administration of Linguaglossa to pronounce the fateful “yes” on Etna, exactly in Piano Pernicana in the Ragabo Pinewood, in front of the cave of the Madonnina of Etna.

Will it be the ideal opportunity to start the wedding tourism? This is what the community of Etna hopes for: it focuses all its resources on enhancing Etna and its territory. It will be possible to celebrate a wedding also at the Volcanological Observatory at 2800 meters above sea level.
Etna becomes the ideal location for a wedding outside usual limits!

A couple on the wedding day

Weddings on Etna: a new passion

Actually this is not the first promise of love made on Etna. A couple of Asians have in fact preceded them: in white dress the bride, groom’s dress for him. They chose the volcano for the most important day of their lives. But we can also remember a Japanese woman, Etna Saidi, who strongly in love with the Mountain, has married Etna! In 2004, dressed in the classic white dress and a bouquet of flowers in her hand, she celebrated her wedding with Mount Etna on the edge of the central crater.

Future couples from all over the world Etna is waiting for you to celebrate your wedding at really high altitudes!

wedding rings and flowers
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