Via Crociferi: the “Baroque living room” of Catania
22 July 2019

Via Crociferi: the “Baroque living room” of Catania

History and legends of one of the most beautiful streets

In the centre of Catania, a few steps from Piazza Duomo, is the beautiful Via Crociferi. Its beauty is such that it has been used several times for the making of films such as “Storia di una capinera” and “Il bell’Antonio“.

The arch at the beginning of Via Crociferi
The arch in Via Crociferi

The churches of Via Crociferi

Considered a World Heritage and Unesco Site, it keeps some of the most beautiful churches in the city. The first that you will find after the famous Benedectine arch, located at the beginning of Via Crociferi, is the church of San Benedetto. Destroyed by an earthquake in 1693, it was rebuilt at the beginning of the 18th century. The majestic entrance door will capture your attention as it represents the life of St. Benedetto. Inside the church you can admire beautiful paintings and the floor in polychrome marble dating from the late 17th century.

Walking along Via Crociferi you will find the church of San Francesco Borgia: a church with three naves that inside contains works by some painters from Catania. A few steps further on is the church of San Giuliano, which was used as a monastery and was the oldest of the female monasteries in the city.

After the crossroads with Via Di San Giuliano you will find the church of San Camillo with the convent of the Padri Crociferi from which this beautiful street takes its name.

Via Crociferi and the legend of the Headless Horse

Via Crociferi, in addition to guarding these beautiful churches, also holds a legend: the legend of the headless horse. It tells the legend of a young man from Catania who, accepting the challenge of some friends, decided to walk the way at night. It was said that during the night Via Crociferi was inhabited by a headless horse, which is why no one ventured there after a certain hour. The young man, in order to prove that he had passed in the middle of the night, planted a stick under the arch of the Benedictines. However, he did not realize that he had also attached an edge of his cloak to the wall, so coming down the stairs was choked and died. So no one had the courage to spend the night along Via Crociferi!

If you come to visit our beautiful city you can not miss the spectacular view that offers via Crociferi. Book one of our cultural tours and you will be able to admire it in person: you will be enchanted!

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