True Sicily
12 November 2018

True Sicily

Sicily that withstands the passing time

There is today a True Sicily, still half-unknown, distant from the reflectors of the tourism of mass.

Sicily that is not luxurious as Taormina or under the footlights as the Baroque Style of Noto and Ragusa. That part of Sicily that is not catalyst of attentions as Palermo and Catania.

A part of Sicily that we can still define true. Made of small villages where it seems that time has stopped, anchored to a past that here is still present.

In the countries in valley or castled on the hills of the island, these jewel villages live a life where technology has arrived but it has not modified the everyday life of its inhabitants.

And in these places you still have the possibility to admire the works that here are not those of once, but those of today. Artisans that turn the raw clay into pottery masterpieces and ceramics. Breeders and farmers that work in the fields to get the products that earth gives.

Reality that gives you the possibility to admire the living mangers in Mineo, even tasting some warm ricotta cheese of sheep’s milk just “quagliata” (cooked), in a terracotta bowl. Or the chance to visit the unbelievable megaliths of Argimusco near Floresta, while tasting salamis and provola cheese of the Nebrodi Mountains.

And these are only some of the numerous experiences that this part of Sicily offers you the possibility to live, in narrow contact not only with its nature but also with its inhabitants, that are almost cultural patrimony for the memories and the arts that they hand down.

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