Trinacria,the symbol of Sicily
18 June 2019

Trinacria,the symbol of Sicily

Why is Sicily represented by Trinacria?

How many of us know the origin and meaning of the Trinacria? The island is represented by a figure representing a female head with three legs around it. Let’s analyze together this symbol to know its origin and meaning!

Sicily or Trinacria

Let’s start by saying that the original name of Sicily was Trinacria itself. This was due to its unique shape that clearly refers to a triangle, whose vertices would be represented by three promontories: Pachino, Peloro and Lilibeo. These are represented by the three legs.
The central head refers instead to the Greek myth: some say it is Medusa, the only one among the three Gorgon not to be immortal and whose beauty fascinated all men who, as soon as they turned to look at it, turned into stone. Perhaps for this very reason it was an ancient custom to place a trinacria behind the door of the house, as a symbol of protection, or to decorate vases, houses and villas with designs representing it as a symbol of good luck.

souvenirs depicting the trinacria symbol
souvenirs depicting the trinacria

The Sicilian flag

The official flag of the Sicilian Region consists of a red and yellow flag with the symbol of Trinacria in the middle. Why the colors yellow and red? These colors represent respectively the courage of the cities of Palermo and then Corleone that first rose up against the French during the vespers of 1282.

The Sicilian Flag with Trinacria in the middle
The Sicilian flag

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