Things to do in Catania
25 April 2018

Things to do in Catania

Things to do in Catania

Catania is the second largest city of Sicily after Palermo located on the east coast, facing the Ionian Sea. 

Here a list of Things to do in Catania, to organise an amazing trip in Sicily!

1.Mt. Etna

Etna is a volcanic complex and represents the highest active earth volcano (about 3350 mt) of Eurasian plaque. It ranks as a shield volcano with effusive activity, but explosive phenomena have been found: its frequent eruptions throughout history have changed the landscape, threatening the surrounding settlements (the city of Catania and Etna’s towns). Walking around old craters and old eruptions, or trekking to the summit area, is the best way to discover the Volcano! Don’t miss our Mt. Etna Excursions.

2. Catania beaches 

Catania’s sand beach is called Playa, and is the favourite beach of local people. Playa is a long sandy gold beach extending for about 3 kilometers in the south of the city. The sea is stunning, quiet, with its pure colors going from the turquoise to the emerald.

San Giovanni Li Cuti is a fisherman village in the east part of the city, important for the black volcanic rocky beach. It is made from natural lava and is very beautiful. It is always filled with tourists and locals sunbathing or fishing.

3. Acitrezza and Acicastello

Acitrezza is the heart of the Protected Marine Riserva dei Ciclopi and the idyllic place for those who want to treat themselves to the purest thrills of the sea.

Acicastello, as the name said, is famous for a castle above the sea. As well as he town of Acitrezza, the coast consists of a jagged lava shoreline

To visit these two places is very easy enjoying an amazing one day excursion with professional skipper on a sail boat, with a sailing tour!

4. Catania historical center

Catania is noted for its history, culture, architecture and gastronomy, its old town besides being one of the biggest example of baroque architecture in Italy, is a World Heritage Site, protected by UNESCO. From the The Roman Amphitheatre, to Greek-Roman theatre, Via crociferi,  the baroque cathedral of Catania devoted to Saint Agatha, Opera house Massimo Bellini, Bellini Gardens. 

5. Catania Culinary traditions 

If you are a food lover, Catania can be the top of your destinations. As a result, who travels to Sicily should know that in our region food is sacred. “Arancini” are the typical Catania street food, fried rice balls with inside cheese, meat, vegetables. Granita plus brioche, typical Sicilian breakfast; cannoli, iconic pastry; salami and cheese that locals produce. You can discover this one of Things to do in Catania enjoying the Walking Food tour.

6. Open air Markets 

Catania Open air markets are located in the open Baroque squares. The largest is in Piazza Carlo Alberto, flanked by picturesque churches and monasteries. Vendors sell clothes, shoes, meat, fish, objects and many other (strange!) things. The fish market instead is located near the cathedral. It’s a gourmet chef’s delight.

7. Catania perfect point to visit Sicily

Catania has an international airport, and it’s 6th busiest in Italy with 9.120.913 passengers in 2017. So, you can land from all over the world. Also, Catania, has a strategic position. From this nice city, you can reach very easy Syracuse, Taormina, Mt. Etna, Agrigento, Palermo, Messina… Don’t miss our daily semi-private Sicily Excursion with departure from Catania!



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