The Sicilian “scacciata”
10 December 2019

The Sicilian “scacciata”

Typical meal of festivities in Catania

Also known as “scaccia” or “mpanata“, the scacciata of Catania is a typical Sicilian product, consumed mainly during the winter months and always present during the Christmas holidays. It is a baked product that is found in all bakeries on the island and consists of a base of bread filled with a variety of products: potatoes and sausage, vegetables such as spinach, broccoli or cauliflower or the classic tuma and ham.

Sicilian scacciata
Sicilian scacciata

Origins of the Sicilian scacciata

The scacciata was born in the seventeenth century as a very simple dish, a single dish for peasant families often derived from the leftovers of the previous meal. In 1763 the Prince of Paternò requested it for his Christmas celebrations: so it was that the scacciata became a successful product, requested by more and more people, until it became the Christmas dish par excellence.
It is common in Sicily to prepare the scacciata at home, with the family: many good ingredients to prepare this dish as simple as good!

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