The feast of the Dead in Sicily
28 October 2019

The feast of the Dead in Sicily

Toys and sweets according to the tradition

The 2nd of November is the feast of the Commemoration of the Dead, “the feast of the Dead” as it is commonly called. A feast still very much felt, especially in southern Italy and Sicily in particular, where it is still alive the tradition of giving toys to children making them believe that they are gifts made by their loved ones as thanks for the preyers received.

The sweets of the Dead

If for children the 2nd of November is a special day because they receive games as a gift, for adults this day is special because the tables are enriched with the classic cakes of the dead! Among the many we remember the “Rame di Napoli” that despite the name are originally from Catania and are very soft sweets covered with chocolate frosting and often filled with cream or jam, the “bones of the dead“, crispy biscuits with a white shell on top that recall the bones, the “piparelle“. aromatic biscuits with almonds, honey and spices.

Rame di Napoli

What to do in Sicily for the feast of the Dead

If you are in Sicily during the day of November the 2nd you can choose different activities and events to see around the island. In Tremestieri Etneo is set up as every year the “Feast of iris and orange“, in Capaci there is the festival of Vastedda, tasting the doughnut of bread seasoned in different ways. In Palermo and Catania there will be a cultural event to renew a very heartfelt tradition, to teach children not to be afraid of their loved ones deceased: The Night of Sugar.
Piazza Università, in Catania, will host Luna Park, an area with games built with natural materials, jugglers, a traveling library, readers of fairy tales for children and many other activities for young and old!
Do not miss the opportunity to participate in this initiative, you will learn about the festive spirit but also the values and traditions of our island.

If you do not have a car we will take you around to discover the various festivals and fairs: you just need to book a private transfer to travel comfortably accompanied by local guides.
Do you want to celebrate November the 2nd in a different way? Take advantage of this to do a trek on Etna with our partner Etna Experience!

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