The feast of St. Joseph
5 March 2019

The feast of St. Joseph

Father’s Day in Sicily

In Sicily every opportunity is good to have a party, and among the most heartfelt feasts certanly there is the feast of St. Jospeh, as well as Fatehr’s Day.

St Joseph with Jesus Child
St Joseph

St Joseph feast in Sicily

If you are in Sicily and wish to participate at this feast here are some tips for you to spend the 19th March.

In Ribera the previous Sunday we start the celebration with the “Entrance of the laurel”: men on horseback parade with branches of laurel and followed by a tower covered with blessed bread and the painting of St. Joseph on a cart.
In Mascalucia is held the “Ride of St. Joseph”: parade of horses and Sicilian carts with the representation of the Holy Family. During the procession is also held the “Descent of the Angel”.
In Ragusa the Novenary is celebrated, that is the recitation of the Rosary, the singing of the chaplet in Sicilian dialect and the Holy Mass celebrated every day by a different priest of the city. During the various celebrations the bread is blessed.
In Niscemi the 18th and 19th of March are celebrated. Altars are set up with precious veils and decorations on which are placed forms of bread that represent sacred symbols.
In Donnalucata is represented the Ride of St. Joseph: a parade of horses with harnesses made with flowers.

Do not miss the opportunity to join one of these cities to participate to the feast. Ask us for a private transfer.

Typical dishes of the feast

Like any respectable feast there is no absence of typical dishes and sweets.
We suggest you to eat:
Zeppole di San Giuseppe: made with fried puff pastry and filled with cream and sour cherries;
Pasta with “macco”: it is pasta with broad beans;
Bread of St. Joseph: bread representing flowers, animals and fruit that is then placed in the family altar.

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