Sicilian Castles
8 July 2019

Sicilian Castles

The history of the island in 200 castels

Perhaps not everyone knows it, but Sicily boasts about 200 castles: some are just ruins, others are preserved intact and can also be visited. Born as fortresses to defend the cities and then transformed into noble residences or built just for the noble families of the island, each of them retains a unique history. Today we are talking about some of Sicilian castles!

Castle in Donnafugata with its garden
Castle in Donnafugata

The Norman Castle in Aci Castello

Not far from Catania one of the most famous Sicilian castles: built on a volcanic rock and built with volcanic stone was built by the Normans between 1071 and 1081. Today it has been transformed into a Civic Museum and contains 3 sections: Mineralogy, Palaeontology and Archaeology.

Aci Castello and its castle
Castle of Aci Castello

Castle of Zisa in Palermo

It is one of the most representative monuments of the Arab-Norman era of Palermo. Today it is located in the homonymous city district but at the time of its construction, in the twelfth century, it was an area located outside the city walls. This Sicilian castle has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The caste of Zisa in Palermo
Castle in Zisa

The Castle of Donnafugata

This castle boasts 120 richly decorated rooms and about 8 hectares of monumental park! Today it is possible to visit some of these rooms: you will be fascinated by rooms such as the mirror room, the bishop’s room and the picture gallery. Also worth a visit is the outdoor garden, with its labyrinth and circular temple.

The castle of Donnafugata
Castle of Donnafugata

The Castle of Palma di Montechiaro

This castle was built by Frederick III Chiaramonte in 1358, and is located on top of a rock because it served as a stronghold. Around 1580 the castle passed into the hands of Mario Tomasi and then Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. After Tomasi di Lampedusa’s death, the castle was abandoned and only recently restored.

Castle of Palma Di Montechiaro
Castle of Palma di Montechiaro

The Castle of Lombardy in Enna

It is one of the largest medieval castles in Italy. It is located in the highest part of the city of Enna and probably owes its name to the presence of Lombard soldiers who allocated them for its defense.

Castle of Lombardy
Castle of Lombardy

Do not miss the opportunity to visit one of these castles. Book a transfer service with us and you will have a wonderful day!

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