Ottobrata Zafferanese 2019
24 September 2019

Ottobrata Zafferanese 2019

The 41st edition of the most awaited festival

As every year, the appointment with the most eagerly awaited and perhaps best known festival of eastern Sicily arrives punctually: the “Ottobrata Zafferanese“, which this year has reached its 41st edition.

The square of the Ottobrata at Zafferana Etnea
Zafferana Etnea

The products of our land are the stars of Sunday

The Ottobrata Zafferanese was born at the end of the 70’s as a sort of exhibition of typical local products. Over the years, however, it has become a much larger and more complex event that focuses attention not only on the typical products of our land but also the craftmanship, the products created by the hands of craftsmen and especially those trades that hardly exist anymore.

Differents themes for the Ottobrata Zafferanese

The event is held every Sunday in October and every Sunday is characterized by a main “theme” which is nothing more than a product of our land: you will then have the “Sunday of the grapes“, the “Sunday of honey and apples of Etna“, the one dedicated to mushrooms and chestnuts.

Visitors at the Ottobrata Zafferanese will therefore be able to appreciate the typical Sicilian products and their derivatives: along Via Roma and Piazza Umberto there are in fact many stands where you can taste liqueurs and spirits (limoncello and pistachio liqueur among the most requested), chocolate, wine, mushrooms and more seasonal fruit and honey, and not forget the sweets that, it is now known, there is absolutely no lack in Sicily! Inside the Villa Comunale you will find the stands of cold cuts and cheeses typical of the island. A little further down, in a tent set up in the old sports field, you will have the opportunity to dine while enjoying a good sandwich accompanied by a cool beer or … why not … a good glass of wine listening to live music!

The Ottobrata Zafferanese is not only food. In fact, along the way you will find many stands of artifacts created with wood or lava stone, or even craft creations of embroiderers, painters and sculptors, and even exhibitions set up in the clubs of the village. A good opportunity to bring with you a souvenir of our beautiful Sicily!

From Zafferana Etnea it is easy to reach Mt. Etna, if you wish to have a wonderful experience on the highest active volcano in Europe contact our partner Etna Experience, and book your tour! Call us if you wish to participate to the Ottobrata Zafferanese and do not have a car: we will arrange a personal transfer service for you!

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