Easter in Sicily
15 March 2018

Easter in Sicily

Easter in Sicily 2018

Easter in Sicily, knows in Italy as “Pasqua“, is perfect to visit the beautiful island!  The climate is warm, the sun shines, and if you love the beach you can also try to swim in the deep waters. In addition, countryside is full colored flowers.

Easter in Sicily is a good excuse if you want to take a break from your routine. In fact, Catania can be the best point to enjoy Easter holidays. Catania has a big airport where a lot of flights land from many countries, and many  cheap B&B or hotels.

From Catania, in fact, you can really enjoy in the most comfortable way Sicily: Etna Excursions, Cultural tours, Sicilian experiences.

Also, you can revive very ancient and pituresque  traditions during Holy Week. Every town has its own tradition: religious re-enactments,  processions with religious symbols, ritual prayers.

Here the most important events close to Catania, that you can reach very easily with our culture tours or reliable transfers.

Archi di Pasqua in San Biagio Platani (Agrigento): we suggest you to visit this place Saturday evening, March 31st. Huge artistic arched decorate the city center. These arches are realized using reeds, willow, cereals, dates and bread. Every detail of the arches is a deep religious symbol.

In Modica you can’t miss out the “Vasa Vasa“: there’s a double procession along Modica’s streets where at the end the statues of the Virgin Mary meets the statue of Christ. Finally, there will be the “Vasa Vasa”: the Virgin Mary statue’s kisses Christ.

Other processions take place at the neighbouring baroque towns of Noto, Ragusa Ibla and Scicli. Syracuse and Noto excursion or Montalbano food tour are perfect to discover these special events!

With a comfortable transfer (60 euros one way, 110 euros two ways) you can reach Adrano, on the south-west flanks of Mount Etna, where it will take place the “Diavolata“. It’s a show where devils, death, Humanity and Michel Archangel, fight. The Diavolata symbolizes, in allegorical form, the eternal fight which ends up the victory of good over evil.

In Taormina, on Good Friday, March 30, there’s a most impressive procession, that takes its way through Corso Umberto I. Men and women in black carry the sculptures showing the passion of Christ.

Easter in Sicily is important also if you are a food lover. Try Easter eggs (called also chocolate eggs) and colombe pasquali, Easter cakes.

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