Montalbano and his house in Punta Secca
15 July 2019

Montalbano and his house in Punta Secca

A tour through the places of the most famous inspector of Italy

Looking at the photo of this villa overlooking the sea you will have already recognized the house of the most famous inspector in Italy: the house of inspector Montalbano, main character of the novels of the Sicilian writer Andrea Camilleri. Let’s get to know a little more about the history of this villa!

The house of Montalbano
Montalbano house

From fish warehouse to inspector Montalbano’s house

The famous house of the inspector at the beginning of the 20th century was a warehouse for fish, where sardines were treated, salted and dried. It was then purchased by the grandfather of the current owner: he bought it for 4 thousand lire and modified that building to create a beautiful house that is now the seat of the fiction.

The villa is located in Punta Secca, a hamlet of Santa Croce Camerina, a place loved by writers such as Leonardo Sciascia and also by the founders of a publishing house, Sellerio Editore. Elvira Sellerio had the idea of transforming the novels of Camilleri into films, and after meeting the writer was born the fiction of “The Inspector Montalbano“. The rest is perfectly known to all, fans and not of the television series.

The places of Montalbano

This villa is the ideal starting point for a tour of the places of Montalbano, from the castle of Donnafugata to the typical foods of the area (such as chocolate of Modica). The sea in the Ragusa area is clear and certainly deserves a day spent on board a sailing boat with an expert skipper and a deep knowledge of the island. Book a private charter with our partner Sicily Sailing Experience, you can discover the beauty of the places of Montalbano from a different and unique perspective!

Sunset at Punta Secca
Punta Secca
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