Erice: discovering a magical place
22 May 2019

Erice: discovering a magical place

One of the most beautiful villages of Italy

A small medieval village overlooking the Gulf of Trapani located on top of a mountain 750 meters high and characterized by narrow streets, courtyards inside the houses cosy but also visible, small churches and fresh air even in the hottest periods: this is Erice, one of the most popular destinations for tourists and not only!

Erice seen from the sky

What to see in Erice

Near “Porta di Trapani“, which allows the entrance into the city, there is the Duomo. Built in 1334 by Frederick of Aragon it is dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption and flanked by the high Bell Tower, which in the past also had defensive purposes.
In the XII and XII centuries, on the remains of a temple dedicated to the goddess Venus, was built the Castle of Venus which has become the symbol of the country. From this structure you can admire the surrounding landascape so you can imagine that it also had a great military importance: it allows to see any attacks from the sea from Trapani and Valderice as well as the mountains of the vallay of Trapani, the promontory of Cofano, the port of Bonagia, Marsala and even (although it’s far away) Mazara del Vallo. Not far from the Castle are the Villa Comunale Balio and the Pepoli Towers. Once the city was surrounded by walls begun by the Elymians, reinforced by the Punic and completed by the Normans. Today it is possible to visit the Elimo-Puniche Walls along Via dell’Addolorata, from Porta Carmine to Porta Spada.

What to eat in Erice

Like all the Sicilian towns, Erice also boasts a long culinary tradition. Anyone who goes to Erice has to taste the “Genovesi” typical almond cakes produced in the historic pastry shop of Maria Grammatico. These sweets were originally produced by the nuns and having been raised by the nuns, Maria Grammatico learned the secrets so as to become today the best producer of Genovesi in Erice.

Genovesi: typical sweets of Erice

How to reach Erice

If you are in Trapani you can easily reach Erice by public transport: in summer there is also a cable car that connects the center of Trapani with Erice. If you have a car you can reach it from any location in Sicily using the highways (A19 from Catania or A29 from Palermo). If you do not have a car don’t worry! Contact us and we will accompany you organizing a transfer service tailored to your needs!

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