Coronavirus: what you can do at home
15 April 2020

Coronavirus: what you can do at home

Coronavirus and quarantine: tips on how to spend your days at home

Does being at home mean boredom? Not always! That’s how you can organize your days at home during Covid-19.

We all know it: to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus it is necessary to stay at home, keeping social distance as much as possible and go out only for work and to buy only the essentials.

More than a month has now passed since Italy is in total lockdown, with the consequent compulsory quarantine for all Italians. In this month we’ve seen a lot o flashmobs on the balcony, fake aperitifs in the garden, Sunday lunches via Skype, concerts at the window. Certainly we Italians are full of imagination!

Coronavirus Italians at the balcony
Italian people singing on their balcony to defeat the fear. Source: ansa.it

You’ve probably tried a lot of things to avoid boredom. Maybe you’ll have taken part in at least one flashmob, completed a new TV series, prepared at least one pizza a week, cleaned your whole house, watched as many videos as possible on Instagram, and maybe you’ll have done a balcony concert too. But there must be something you haven’t done yet…

Tips on what to do at home to stay productive

We all hope that the emergency will soon pass, to return to a normal life and to stop all these deaths. But unfortunately we cannot estimate how long the virus will be among us and until then we will have to stay at home. It is important, therefore, to organize your days at home in the best possible way, to stay away from anxiety and negativity, varying the activities to be carried out so as not to get bored.

1. You can study… and learn something new!

Yes, you read right: study! We know that studying is boring, but if you are a high school or university student, you could gradually study a few hours a day. If you have already finished with school or University, you could always try new things! What about learning a foreign language? Online you can find different languages courses and different levels (beginner, intermediate, or advanced level). It might finally be the right opportunity to learn the foreign language you had always wanted to learn.

Coronavirus what to do at home
Using quarantine to learn new things is a great way to distract yourself from boredom.

2. Bake sweets, but not the usual ones you have already prepared

A lot of Italian people are cooking and baking every day. Well you know: in Italy cooking is our forte! Italians are really enjoying preparing homemade sweets, like cookies and cakes. What about you? You can try to prepare typical Italian sweets!

Typical sicilian sweets

From Cannoli in Sicily, to the Caprese cake in Campania, or the Bonet in Turin… Italy is a country rich in ancient treats, envied all over the world. So what are you waiting for? Search online and prepare your favourite traditional Italian dessert! Surely you won’t regret it.

In photo: “Iris” filled with chocolate and cream. This is a typical Sicilian breakfast.

3. Discover your origins

“What if I actually have noble origins?” How many of you have wondered at least once in your life about the origin of your ancestors and the origin of your surname? Certainly almost all of you! In normal times, it is possible to carry out a personal data search on the office of your residence’s municipality. But during the Coronavirus era, the internet is our greatest friend. There are many websites like MyHeritage.it that can be consulted to trace our origins. And why not… once the emergency is over, it might be interesting to visit the remote places of our ancestors!

4. Find good hobbies

Keeping your mind calm and relaxed is a fundamental objective to pursue during quarantine. In fact, if we spent the day doing nothing, it would be much easier to get sad and bored. In this way we would risk going out for even the most banal reasons, canceling all previous efforts. On the contrary, we should have pleasant hobbies.

homeworkout during coronavirus

Let’s draw again, listen to music, do video-workout exercises, watch documentaries about animals and nature, challenge your friends online with cultural quizzes! You’ll learn new things. You can keep active and have fun.

5. Planning your holiday for autumn or 2021

Don’t think to say goodbye forever to your well-deserved vacation! It will certainly be possible to postpone your summer holidays in autumn months like October, November and December. Or, you can start thinking right now where to spend your 2021 holidays. A little tip: before the Coronavirus emergency, Sicily was elected as the queen of tourism 2020! Surely it will be worth visiting the island in autumn or 2021. From the Valley of Temples of Agrigento to the colours of the beautiful Ortigia, from the baroque in Palermo to Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe: Sicily will surely excite you!

If we have made you curious and and you would like to plan your next holiday in Sicily, take a look at our tours in Sicily! We would be happy to welcome you to our beautiful island, when the emergency is over.

And remember: everything will be alright, but it depends on everyone’s determination.

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