Chocolate from Modica a Sicilian goodness
11 September 2019

Chocolate from Modica a Sicilian goodness

A simple, ancient and unique process

The chocolate from Modica comes from a process called “at cold” and boasts an international reputation. In 2018 it obtained the IGP ( Protected Geogbraphical Indication) recognition, becoming the first to be protected by the European Union.

a piece of chocolate from Modica
chocolate from Modica

The history of chocolate from Modica

Some sources testify that the processing of chocolate was introduced in the County of Modica during the Spanish domination in the sixteenth century, the Spanish in turn would have inherited it from the Aztecs. Currently there are traces of this type of processing in Spain and in some communities of Mexico and Guatemala. Before becoming a product known and appreciated throughout the world was a typical dessert of noble families who prepared it at home on important occasions.

The production of chocolate in Modica

Open a bar of chocolate from Modica, you will notice that it is very dark and has a rough appearance and a very grainy texture. This is due to its processing: the mixture of cocoa, sugar and spices is processed at a temperature that does not exceed 35°- 40° so the crystals of sugar do not melt but remain intact. The chocolate is then solidified inside rectangular moulds so that it takes the final shape. A very simple process but that allows you to create a delicious chocolate, unique in the world!

The chocolate from Modica can obviously be purchased in many shops, and also online, but do you want to put the satisfaction of being able to buy a bar directly from the manufacturers? Taste some excellent Modican chocolate while you admire the baroque beauty typical of this area? Well then take advantage and contact us to book your private tour with us! We will accompany you to the discovery of this territory, we will make you know not only the most important monuments but also the typical specialties and you will see why Sicily is the most loved region by tourists!
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