Cefalù, a village with a thousand treasures
17 September 2019

Cefalù, a village with a thousand treasures

How to discover Cefalù

Cefalù ist one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, located at the foot of a rocky promontory in the province of Palermo that every summer is frequented by those who want to spend their holidays at sea. Let’s discover it!

landscape of Cefalù

Some tips for you!

If you are planning to spend two days in this village read these tips to discover the most beautiful monuments without leaving anything to chance.

The starting point can be only the cathedral, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015; a legend says that this church was built in 1131 following a vow that Roger II made to escape a storm.
If you are in Cefalù you can not miss a stop at the “medieval wash-house“, at Palazzo Martino whose restoration work was completed in 1991. The wash-house is characterized by a lava stone staircase and by basins that collect the water that flows from a series of cast iron mouths.
The most photographed sight is certainly the one visible from through Porta Pescara, the only surviving of the gates that allowed, in ancient times, the entrance into the city. It is located right on the beach, near the old port, just 5 minutes walk from the cathedral.
For lovers of culture the Temple of Diana and the Sanctuary of Gibilmanna are a must: the latter is located about 800 meters above sea level and is a destination for pilgrimages and a place of prayer and preserves works such as the statue of St. John the Baptist, the statue of St. Helena and the marble statue of Our Lady of Gibilmanna.
A swim in the sea? Cefalù boasts many beaches among which we suggest the beach Capo Playa appreciated especially by lovers of surfing for the winds that blow there, as well as the beach of Salinelle, the beach of St. Ambrogio and Caldura beach.

if you wish to visit Cefalù with comfortable vehicles and maybe accompanied by an experienced guide, contact us anf book your private tour so you will have the opportunity to to know this village among the most beautiful in Italy. For lovers of sea, in addition to the already mentioned beaches in Cefalù where you can practice sailing, we recommend you to contact our partner Sicily Sailing Experience to book a sailing tour and experience the Sicilian sea has you have never experienced it!

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