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2 September 2019

The Bronte Pistachio Festival

Cakes, creams and ice creams are made with Bronte pistachio, the “green gold of Etna”. Take advantage of the Bronte Pistachio Festival to learn about all its aspects!

30 July 2019

The bell tower of Messina

In Messina there is a bell tower that contains a lot of allegorical symbols. Today we show you this masterpiece!

15 July 2019

Montalbano and his house in Punta Secca

Everyone in Italy knows the Inspector Montalbano and his house. It is in Punta Secca and it a good point to start the tour of this magical place!

8 July 2019

Sicilian Castles

Have you ever seen a castle? There are some Sicilian castles that really worth a visit. We give you some suggestions!

1 July 2019

Catania Summer Fest 2019

From the 29th of June to the 26th of October 2019 there are a lot of events in Catania: concerts, exhibitions and not only! This is the Catania Summer Fest 2019.

26 June 2019

Santa Rosalia in Palermo

In Palermo in July is organized a big party in honor of Santa Rosalia. Fireworks and culinary deliciousness are part of these five days of celebration!

18 June 2019

Trinacria,the symbol of Sicily

A yellow and red drape with Trinacria in the middle. This is the flag of the Sicilian Region, but few know the origin of Trinacria. We’ll tell you about it!

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