Travel Blog of Sicily

14 October 2019

Typical Sicilian dishes

A holiday in Sicily should not be without good food! Discover the five typical Sicilian dishes that you absolutely cannot miss!

8 October 2019

The Sicilian cart

Walking through the streets of the island you may have seen a Sicilian cart. With its drawings it is considered a work of art on the road.

24 September 2019

Ottobrata Zafferanese 2019

In October there is a festival that allows you to taste typical Sicilian products. We are talking about the “Ottobrata Zafferanese”.

2 September 2019

The Bronte Pistachio Festival

Cakes, creams and ice creams are made with Bronte pistachio, the “green gold of Etna”. Take advantage of the Bronte Pistachio Festival to learn about all its aspects!

30 July 2019

The bell tower of Messina

In Messina there is a bell tower that contains a lot of allegorical symbols. Today we show you this masterpiece!

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