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26 April 2020

Sicilian Food: Top 10 Sicilian dishes you cannot miss

In Sicily, food represents tradition and it is also a symbol of culture. During your holiday in Sicily, you can have breakfast with granita, have lunch with tavola calda and have dinner with pani cunzatu and meat.

13 April 2020

Etna Wines

Etna Wines Chronicle of a recent fame, but thousands years old A lot has been said and done about Etna…

15 January 2020

The “Candelora”

We look forward to the most important feast of Catania, the third most important religious feast in the world, the feast of St. Agatha. And we can’t wait to meet a “candelora”! And you?

17 December 2019

New Year’s Eve 2020 in Sicily

How will you welcome the new year? If you are in Sicily you can celebrate the New Year’s Eve by participating in a concert or theater and cultural events! Discover which ones.

10 December 2019

The Sicilian “scacciata”

Soon it will be Christmas and on the tables of Sicilians will not fail the scacciata. And you, will you eat it?

3 December 2019

Cruise passengers in Sicily

Have you booked your cruise and will you stop in Sicily? Follow our tips, you’ll find out how to arrange to visit everything in a few hours!

27 November 2019

Christmas in Sicily

Christmas is approaching and Catania is getting ready to celebrate it! Come with us, we will take you around Sicily between cribs and markets!

28 October 2019

The feast of the Dead in Sicily

It is commonly called “Feast of the dead” and it is a very heartfelt celebration, especially in Sicily. Let’s see how it is celebrated.

14 October 2019

Typical Sicilian dishes

A holiday in Sicily should not be without good food! Discover the five typical Sicilian dishes that you absolutely cannot miss!

8 October 2019

The Sicilian cart

Walking through the streets of the island you may have seen a Sicilian cart. With its drawings it is considered a work of art on the road.

24 September 2019

Ottobrata Zafferanese 2019

In October there is a festival that allows you to taste typical Sicilian products. We are talking about the “Ottobrata Zafferanese”.

2 September 2019

The Bronte Pistachio Festival

Cakes, creams and ice creams are made with Bronte pistachio, the “green gold of Etna”. Take advantage of the Bronte Pistachio Festival to learn about all its aspects!

30 July 2019

The bell tower of Messina

In Messina there is a bell tower that contains a lot of allegorical symbols. Today we show you this masterpiece!

15 July 2019

Montalbano and his house in Punta Secca

Everyone in Italy knows the Inspector Montalbano and his house. It is in Punta Secca and it a good point to start the tour of this magical place!

8 July 2019

Sicilian Castles

Have you ever seen a castle? There are some Sicilian castles that really worth a visit. We give you some suggestions!

1 July 2019

Catania Summer Fest 2019

From the 29th of June to the 26th of October 2019 there are a lot of events in Catania: concerts, exhibitions and not only! This is the Catania Summer Fest 2019.

26 June 2019

Santa Rosalia in Palermo

In Palermo in July is organized a big party in honor of Santa Rosalia. Fireworks and culinary deliciousness are part of these five days of celebration!

18 June 2019

Trinacria,the symbol of Sicily

A yellow and red drape with Trinacria in the middle. This is the flag of the Sicilian Region, but few know the origin of Trinacria. We’ll tell you about it!

5 June 2019

Caltagirone and its famous staircase

Everyone should visit Caltagirone and the staircase of S. Maria del Monte. It is made of 142 steps and once a year it is lighted with candles to form a very big picture!

22 May 2019

Erice: discovering a magical place

In Sicily there are many unique and magical places, rich in history, culture and culinary tradition. This is Erice! Follow our tips to better organize your holiday

15 May 2019

The Moorish heads

Surely you have seen some ceramic pots depicting Moorish heads, but do you know their story? We’ll tell you about it!

8 May 2019

The Puppet Opera, a Sicilian tradition

The Puppet Opera is a theatre that in 2008 was listed among the Oral and Immaterial heritage of the world. It tells story about Charlemagne and his paladins.

3 April 2019

Holy Week in Enna

This year at Catania and Palermo airport you will see some posters representing Holy Week of Enna. It is considered a protected asset by UNESCO. Let’s discover more!

27 March 2019

Wedding on Etna

Marriage is one of the most important days in our lives. Someone has chosen Etna as a really suggestive location!

20 March 2019

The Island of Ortigia

In Ortigia you can find monuments, beaches,markets.. Follow our tips and have a good journey!

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