Travel Blog of Sicily

15 January 2020

The “Candelora”

We look forward to the most important feast of Catania, the third most important religious feast in the world, the feast of St. Agatha. And we can’t wait to meet a “candelora”! And you?

17 December 2019

New Year’s Eve 2020 in Sicily

How will you welcome the new year? If you are in Sicily you can celebrate the New Year’s Eve by participating in a concert or theater and cultural events! Discover which ones.

10 December 2019

The Sicilian “scacciata”

Soon it will be Christmas and on the tables of Sicilians will not fail the scacciata. And you, will you eat it?

3 December 2019

Cruise passengers in Sicily

Have you booked your cruise and will you stop in Sicily? Follow our tips, you’ll find out how to arrange to visit everything in a few hours!

27 November 2019

Christmas in Sicily

Christmas is approaching and Catania is getting ready to celebrate it! Come with us, we will take you around Sicily between cribs and markets!

28 October 2019

The feast of the Dead in Sicily

It is commonly called “Feast of the dead” and it is a very heartfelt celebration, especially in Sicily. Let’s see how it is celebrated.

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