Catania Tango Festival
11 August 2018

Catania Tango Festival

Catania Tango Festival

We are waiting for you in Catania for the XVIII edition of Catania Tango Festival!


Catania Tango Festival
Catania Tango Festival

Tango is a vibrant and playful dance between two people. It has very rich potential for expression, improvisation and connection and is danced in both modern and traditional styles. Today, tango is an international dance. In many countries around the world, it’s hard to find a city that doesn’t have at least one tango club.

If you a curios person, if you want to try something different, or especially if you are a Tango dancer you cannot miss out during your Sicily Holiday the Catania Tango Festival.

It started only 18 yaear ago, and now it’s one of the most famous Tango Festival in all over the world. And Catania, is the best choice to enjoy a Tango Holiday and to discover the island and its treasures. Catania Tango festival is the event of 2018 that you cannot miss out!  Also for the eighteenth edition of the most beautiful Catania tango festival in Sicily, a full program dedicated to Tango, entertainment and relax. Two sections, Clásico y Contemporáneo and Tradición y Vanguardia, will accompany you in a surprising, amazing, unforgettable experience of Tango!

It starts on August 10th, and the last day will be August 19th. Ten days with in Sicily between milongas, workshops and seminars, sun, sea, funny moments, and of course excursions to discover the treasures of Sicily!

Here you can find the full program:

  • Discover the legendary CTF2018 cast – https://www.cataniatangofestival.com/en/tango-dancer.html
  • The every day Program – https://www.cataniatangofestival.com/en/italy-tango-festival/program.html
  • Tango Djs – https://www.cataniatangofestival.com/en/italy-tango-festival/musicalizadores.html
  • Live music – https://www.cataniatangofestival.com/en/live-music.html

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover Sicily in the most comfortable way, with knowledge guides, full day and half day tours to enjoy the highlights of the islands.

To reach the milongas and the event entrust our reliable, luxury, cheap and comfortable Transfers and taxis services.

Create your own dream holiday during Catania Tango Festival!

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